EMCA Positions

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EMCA Mission and Purpose


Sunset at a rocky sound beach in East Marion. Photo ©Bill Stamatis

The East Marion Community Association Purpose:

The East Marion Community Association exists to preserve East Marion’s past, celebrate its present, and protect its future.

The East Marion Community Association Mission:

We achieve our purpose by:

  • Protecting East Marion’s rural character and agricultural heritage and enhancing community life in the hamlet.
  • Acting as a catalyst for uniting and mobilizing the East Marion community around issues of shared concern.
  • Monitoring planning, land use, zoning, transportation, public safety and other issues affecting East Marion and informing and educating community members about such issues so they can make informed decisions and take appropriate action to protect their rights and interests.
  • Communicating with Southold Town officials and other relevant organizations and governmental bodies on behalf of East Marion.

Adopted by East Marion Community Association at general membership meeting on September 15, 2007.