EMCA Position on Plum Island

The EMCA board promulgated a separate resolution on Plum Island that reads: “The East Marion Community Association opposes the proposed sale of Plum Island as a surplus government property. Plum Island is a unique ecological and historic asset to our community and to our country. We support adding Plum Island to the National Wildlife Refuge, which would protect all or a significant portion of the island as well as making it accessible to the public. The portion of Plum Island currently occupied by the Animal Disease Center should continue to be utilized for research and to provide employment for local residents.”

Approved by members at the May 10, 2014 annual membership meeting.

Photo: Maritime dunes on Plum Island. © Robert Lorenz.

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EMCA Board of Directors


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Vice President: Ann Sande
Treasurer: Kaye Kanev
Secretary: Robin Imandt


Ellen Gomez 
Grace Griffin
Candace Harper
Victor Neisch
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